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velvetwhip [userpic]
The Kinda Gay Awards Are Looking for a Few Good Fics!
by velvetwhip (velvetwhip)
at April 30th, 2009 (06:58 pm)

The Following Post Comes to Ypu From lavastar:

Categories at the Kinda Gay Awards have been reorganized! Best Drabble and Ficlet has split into Best Drabble (100-400 words) and Best Ficlet (401-750 words). Best Pairing has split into Best Buffy/Faith, Best Buffy/Willow, Best Other Willow Slash, and Best Rare Femmeslash Pair. Best Characterization has split into Best Dawn, Best Willow, Best Kennedy, Best Cordelia, and Best Other.

We could still use some more nominations, so check out the current current nominees, the the categories, the the rules and dates, and go nominate your favorite femslash fic today!