Shades of Grey Updates

Shades of Grey Awards Updates
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I've had many requests in the past few months for access to old nominees and winners lists for the Shades of Grey Awards. I don't have all the old lists, I never kept them and I'm sorry about that but I never thought anyone would want the old lists, especially nominees. I also can't keep them all at the site, it's a lot of file space that isn't necessary to use.

What I've decided to do is to create this community and transfer all nominees and winners lists to this community when each round ends. I will also post a notice when I update the site, when nominations or voting open. I will probably post polls regarding changes to the site; new layout suggestions, category changes etc.

You cannot post to this community. At this time only I can do do that. I may, in the future, look for a moderator to help with posting updates but this is only for SoGA related updates so open posting isn't necessary, and you are free to comment on any post.